The Eristic Duality Profile

The Eristic Duality Profile interprets how you process the three emotional arguments of love, fear and guilt.

The eristic golden apple

Time to take: 5-10 minutes
Number of questions: 16

Eristics is an emotional philosophy which seeks to explain in simple terms what emotions are and how they work.

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There are 18 results

Each eristic archetype result is good, an important and functional part of the emotional whole of humanity.

The emotions are all good, too. Names like "fear" or "paranoia" may be off-putting, but those associations are just the peaks we associate with the emotion— the emotion at its most intense.

The dualities are the three components of human experience. Everyone experiences all three. Only the order and expression is different between the archetypes.

Each archetype belongs to a subgroup which is named after the most internalizing archetype of that group:

eristic - adj - given to argument

duality - noun - has two expressions

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